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The Next Step! Deepening your NVC- practice

(A year long online program)

with Liv Larsson & Kay Rung

17th of March - feb 2022

This program is built on practise. A hands-on adventure in how to integrate Nonviolent Communication into your daily life.

  •  22 online-sessions with Liv Larsson & Kay Rung.

  • Structured practise in groups of 3-5 people. At least 48 hours.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly empathy sessions with a buddy.

  • Integration work with the help of litterature, written exercises and with investing in important relationships in your life.

Maximum 55 participants

This is an advanced training in NVC

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a an approach that makes us aware to the way we use language — not just in how we express ourselves, but also in how we listen and the meaning we make of what people say. With the help of NVC, we can transform dis-connecting language and include them in our interactions in a form that connect us. We are not going to blame someone for blaming us, put a label on someone that labels us, but we try to hear beyond the words, transform what we hear and include the core of this in our communication.

A committed practice of NVC takes on-going long-term learning. With immersion we can change the deeply wired habits of language that most of us carry with us since childhood. 

Learning new ways of communicating - inwards and out - is something that takes time and choice to integrate. This program is a chance to integrate need-awareness on many levels in your life with special and direct focus on where you really want to grow.

 The program will help you integrate the NVC approach in your everyday life and is designed to help you actively make use of the principles and tools of NVC. It will be focused on specific and important relationships where you are challenged as we know that if you can grow in this kind of interactions you can bring it with you else-where.


We meet online (if you have close-by NVC-practitioners that is part of this program, you can meet in person for the smaller group work.) You are asked to use at least 2 (preferably 4) hours per week for the training for one year. Some weeks are going to be more intense than others.

You'll get the chance to practice with others who have at least 12 days of previous NVC-training.




  • 22 onlinesession with Liv Larsson and/or Kay Rung. Around 44 hours. (approx 2 hours at the time)

  • Practising with an international group.

  • 44-50 hours training in smaller groups online or ”in-person" with the help of a specially designed workbook as well as chosen integration work.

  • Individual work with chosen (and challenging) relationships you want to understand, deepen and work on.

  • Litterature for creating clarity.

  • Inspiring videos, recordings etc from the trainers when needed.

  • Empathy buddies weekly or bi-weekly



Suggested content - will be partly revised based on the request of participants

  • Integration of skills (empathy, honesty, setting limits, etc.)

  • Dilemmas, identifying and balancing - using our power, hierarchies 

  • Dependence, independence and interdependence

  • How to actively integrate this

  • Integral theories

  • Coaching of challenges

  • Trust and integrity. How to build (and rebuild) trust.

  • Making constructive requests, building capabilities, acting in integrity.

  • How shame, guilt and anger affect your core relationships. The Compass or Needs; transforming shame attacks, expanding our life-space, embracing vulnerability, sensitivity and dignity.

  • Needs-based eating. Eating is something we do every day so it is a natural super-opportunity for us to become more aware or of needs - moment to moment. Practise, reflection and action.

  • How to more gratitude and happiness into your life. With the latest research on how we can grow gratitude and happiness in our lives we make a plan on how to actively bring this into our lives.

  • Key differentiations and how their understanding can be actively used in concrete situations. NVC is often taked about as the language of the heart and this may make us believe that thinking, focus and mental clarity is not important when it comes to connection. We show you ways to integrate warmth with mental focus, care with healthy boundaries, empathic listning with action and much more.

  • Empathy - the jewel of the NVC toolbox. How to invite it, nurture it, use it (and not overuse it) - making it a central part of our daily lives.

  • Choices - how to get the process of choice to become a joyful process of ease - taking care of our brains and nervsystem as we go. Inner Chooser/inner educator work, enemy image process etc.

Challenge group

A group of 3-5 people who meet regularly - online or physically (2-4 hours = a minimum of 44 hours.) You work on material you get from us in a workbook, for example:

Shame integration, Empathy, inner choser/inner critic process, enemy image process, self-expression and requests, how to build trust.


Included in the training

  • A unique workbook with structure and support for learning and practice.

Time plan

We start with weekly meetings in the large group. From there we form what we call challenge groups as this is where you work with your challenges. In these groups you work with empathy exchanges, role-plays, written exercises, sorting out key differentiations, transforming shame etc. During the year we meet 22 times in the large group with place for feedback, questions and more practise.

A great way to integrate NVC in all areas of your life.

Dates for all sessions with the trainers:

Wendsdays  14.00 - 16.00 Stockholm Time. 

17 mar, 24 mar, 31 mar, 

21 apr, 5 may, 26 may, 2 jun, 16 jun, 23 jun

11 aug, 1 sep, 22 sep, 20 okt, 3 nov, 10 nov, 1 dec, 15 dec

Practice group weeks, on time and day that the group decide:

Week numbers: 8, 9, 10, 14, 15,

17, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31,

33, 34, 35, 37, 39,

40, 41, 43, 46, 47


  • Anger, Guilt and Shame. Reclaiming Power and Choice. Liv Larsson

  • Walk your Talk. Liv Larsson.

  • Cracking the Communication Code, 42 Key differentiations in NVC .Katarina Hoffman Liv Larsson.

  • The power of Gratitude. Liv Larsson

  • Needbased Eating. Liv Larsson.

General info abou IIt



Liv and Kay have done more than 45 yearlong programs in then last 20 years.



We have done over 45 year long trainings the last 20 years on different levels.

Liv Larsson 

is Certified Trainer with CNVC since 2002. She has worked as a coach, mediator and workshop leader since 1992. Liv has written 21 books on the theme of NVC, for adults and children, translated to different languages.The titles include the best-selling book; Anger Guilt and Shame - Reclaiming Power and Choice, A Helping Hand- Mediation with Nonviolent Communication and Cracking the Communication Code.

She lives in the north of Sweden. One of here special skills and areas of interest is how shame is affecting our relationships and how we either can transform and once this or let is eat away some of our life quality. Her passions are cross-country skiing, hiking, swimming, yoga, nature, her son, writing and connecting with people.


Kay Rung

has been working with Nonviolent Communication since 1997. He has developed a specific pedagogical model to teach mediation with NVC as an approach. He is in charge of Friare Liv longer training programs. He is interested in creating maps for navigating conflicts with more ease. Later he works in organisations with strategic human recourse ideas that can be translated into practices.

Who can register?

We want you to have at least 12 days of NVC-training before this event. 

(If you want to take part of the training and think you can benefit from it without the 12 requested days of training (because you had NVC training in some other form), please contact us before applying, so that we can decide about this together.) 



If you want to join the program but you don't have the money we ask for you can send us a message with answers to the questions:

How will you use the training,?

Who will benefit from you getting the training? and How much can you pay? We can give scholarships when we someone pays for a sponsor ticket.

Prices and payment:

We have 2 kind of tickets, one for people who pay for themselves and one for people who can sponsor others who can not pay fully for the program. For every sponsor ticket we can offer a lower fee for people with limited resources. 

Regular ticket 1200€ including VAT 

Sponsor ticket 2000€ including VAT

People outside of EU pay without tax 960€ for regular ticket or 1600€ for sponsor ticket. We ask you to choose invoice as payment option, 6€ admin and bank fee is added on every invoice to cover costs.

Credit card payments are including VAT for Swedish and EU residens.

We have 55 seats at this training and you need to register to make sure to get a seat.

We also have 10 seats that includes individual coaching sessions.

If you want to pay in parts (1-10 invoices over time) you need to choose invoice as payment option when you check out. 


All 22 sessions will be held between 14-16 Stockholm time on the dates below.

The practice sessions will be held online or live a place and time that the "Challenge Group" decide.

Payment online mediation

Contact and questions

Thanks for submitting!

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