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Why is shame a difficult emotion? 1(3)

Liv talks about shame, why it is so challenging, and how we can think in more creative ways around it.

This is a short video series in three parts, where we take part of Livs expertise in understanding, navigating and evolving in relationship to this emotion.


Some benefits of befriending shame:

  • We can more easily say no to things we don’t want, without being destroyed if someone calls us selfish or cold.

  • We can say yes to things we dream of, without having to be perfect.

  • We grow in empathy as we more clearly understand the discomfort.

  • Gives adults a chance to be role models for children in dealing with strong and uncomfortable emotions. “Unmasking Shame” explores how to unmask the cultural taboo of shame. It provides a map of our development and is based on developmental theories as well as Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Marshall Rosenberg, often said, “never do anything to avoid shame”. This book is marinated in that suggestion. A book that shows how the complex feelings of shame affect us as children, teenagers and adults.

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