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How to use the principles of Nonviolent Communication


Stay human and be professional?

Nowadays people expect to be treated well when they go to the dentist, the supermarket or when they are connecting with their IT-support. If they are not they might turn to someone else the next time they need that service or product. Being professional and staying human might be the biggest competitive advantage of our time. It is said that the cost of attracting a new customer is six times the cost of keeping an old one. This book clarifies how you can be professional and human at the same time. Actually the author claims that it is only when you are truly human that you can be professional.


What you can expect from this book:

  • Help on how to say “no” and still keep your customers or guests.
  • Tools to connect to people in a human and professional way. (Guests, customers and co-workers).
  • Communication tools for many different kinds of situations.
  • Support in dealing with ”difficult people” or challenging dilemmas.
  • Plenty of useful ideas that can be implemented directly.
  • Ideas on how Email (and other written media) and phone calls can be used, (and when not to use them), to enhance connection.
  • How to create trust or build more of it.


A great companion in making a workplace (or work in some other kind of organization) more fun, efficient and meaningful.

The author has been a coach, mediator and trainer in leadership development and conflict management since 1992. She has worked in all parts of the world and has written 20 books, many of them published in different languages. Her biggest source of inspiration is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

E-book Human Connection at Work

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