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Are you ready for a book that can radically change your way of looking at food, weight and health? How can we make choices that keep us healthy both in body and soul? Needbased Eating offers you a training program leading to physical and emotional balance. The focus is not to loose or gain weight, but to find ways to become friends with your body and your mind. Following this program builds the foundation for finding a balanced weight. A practical book that provides you with three tools you can start using today. In this book you will learn to: • Enjoy what you choose to eat and know how to stop eating when you’ve had enough. • Find ways to break the downward spiral of an out of control relationship with food • Listen to and communicate with your body • Distinguish emotional hunger from physical hunger


Author: Liv Larsson

Pages: 82

Format: 15,25 x 22,86 cm

ISBN: 978-91-87489-31-1

First published 2015

Needbased Eating

SKU: ep9nn
VAT Included
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