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Sun, 28 Apr



Watch Marshall B. Rosenberg mediate (film+ exchange.)

A film where the founder Marshall Rosenberg of NVC mediates a conflict. Reflections and exchange.

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Watch Marshall B. Rosenberg mediate (film+ exchange.)
Watch Marshall B. Rosenberg mediate (film+ exchange.)

Time & place

28 Apr 2024, 16:00 – 18:00 CEST


About the event

A event for anyone interested in mediation

We will watch Marshall B. Rosenberg mediate.  The founder of Nonviolent Communication shows in his own style how to connect people.

We watch the film togehter and brake for reflections and exhanges  about his style of mediation.

Purpose is to inspire present or future mediators in how to help resolve conflicts.

We offer two sessions to accommodate more timezones.

Early session Stockholm 12:00 - 14:00  (translates to New Delhi 15:30 , Bangkok 17:00, Shanghai 18:00, Tokyo 19:00, Sydney 20:00 

Late session Stockholm 16:00 - 18:00, (translates to New York 10:00, Los Angeles 07:00)

Marshall Rosenberg, the visionary behind Nonviolent Communication (NVC), left an indelible mark on the world through his groundbreaking mediation techniques and profound understanding of human communication. Born out of his experiences as a psychologist, mediator, and peace activist, NVC has transformed countless lives, relationships, and communities around the globe.

One of the most significant contributions of Marshall Rosenberg was his ability to bridge divides and foster understanding in conflict-ridden areas. He traveled to war-torn regions, such as the Middle East and the Balkans, where deep-seated animosities and violence seemed insurmountable. Through NVC workshops and training sessions, he empowered individuals on both sides of the conflicts to communicate their needs, fears, and aspirations with empathy and honesty.

In these conflict zones, Marshall Rosenberg demonstrated that beneath the surface of hostility and distrust, there exists a common humanity yearning for connection and peace. By teaching people to listen deeply to one another's feelings and underlying needs, he helped them transcend the barriers of language, culture, and ideology. Through this process, adversaries discovered shared values and desires, laying the groundwork for reconciliation and sustainable peace.

Beyond geopolitics, Marshall Rosenberg's influence extended into countless interpersonal relationships, workplaces, schools, and families. His approach to communication revolutionized how people interacted with one another, fostering greater harmony, mutual respect, and cooperation.

In workplaces, NVC facilitated more productive collaborations by encouraging colleagues to express their concerns openly and constructively. Managers learned to lead with empathy, understanding the underlying motivations of their team members and addressing conflicts before they escalated. As a result, workplaces became more inclusive, supportive, and conducive to innovation.

In schools, educators embraced NVC as a tool for cultivating empathy and conflict resolution skills among students. By creating environments where emotions were acknowledged and understood, teachers empowered young people to navigate conflicts peacefully and build stronger, more empathetic communities.

Within families, Marshall Rosenberg's teachings promoted healthier dynamics by fostering open communication and mutual understanding. Parents learned to empathize with their children's emotions, validating their experiences and fostering trust. Likewise, children learned to express themselves authentically and assertively, leading to more harmonious relationships and resilient family bonds.

Marshall Rosenberg's legacy is not merely in the spread of Nonviolent Communication but in the profound shift it catalyzed in how people relate to one another. His work continues to inspire individuals and organizations worldwide to embrace empathy, compassion, and understanding as the cornerstones of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. In a world often divided by differences, Marshall Rosenberg's vision offers a beacon of hope—a reminder that through compassionate communication, we can transcend conflict and build a more harmonious world for generations to come.


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