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This book can help you make shame, guilt and anger your allies instead of our enemies. They can become keys to your inner life and to your dreams. Getting to know these feelings will help you better meet your needs for respect, acceptance, belonging and freedom. What would be possible if you no longer needed to shrink yourself to avoid shame or guilt?


What intitially was meant as a small booklet on anger grew and grew and grew. Anger, shame and guilt were originally only threee expressions of emotions mixed with thoughts that i found interseting. I had no idea what i would find beneatj the surface when i really took tje time to take a closer look at guilt, shame and anger. But now I look forward to the next time I feel shame, guilt or anger, and hope that you feel this way too!


Author: Liv Larsson

Pages: 215

Format: 15,25 x 22,86 cm

ISBN: 978-91-979442-8-1

First published 2012

Anger, Guilt and Shame - Reclaiming Power and Choice

SKU: wx575
VAT Included
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