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The dragon boy Tekshek, has made the terrifying discovery that he has lost his ability to breathe fire. Breathing fire is something that all real dragons can do, and Tekshek tries all he can, but nothing happens. And nobody, neither adults, nor children seem to be able to help him. His friends and family try to support him with advice, sympathy, encouragement and pep talk but to no result. Not until he meets someone who really takes the time to listen to him and understand what he is going through. Then something happens that makes them all sing with joy. The tale of the dragon Tekshek is a beautiful and encouraging story about the art of listening with the heart. This story is the result of combining moments of storytelling and knowledge of the power of listening. A story that might be even more important for the adult reading it to a beloved child. Authors are Neo Rung, 4 years old, and Liv Larsson, Mediator and Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication.


Author: Liv Larsson and Neo Rung

Illustrations: Maria Tison-Larsson

Pages: 39

Format: 15,25 x 22,86 cm

ISBN: 978-91-87-48990-7

First published 2020

The Dragon Who Lost His Fire

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