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Teach by example

This book has been written for anyone who wants to lead groups

and stay true to their inner life at the same time. It shows you how

to be both authentic and yet remain professional. You will receive

a wide set of tools that can help you walk your talk, at the same

time as you share your understanding of Nonviolent Communication

- NVC (or other subjects).


What you will get:

  • Tools and an understanding of how you can manage your own leadership.
  • Tools and an understanding of how you can support the development of groups.
  • Ideas on how you can manage stressful situations and how you can connect to participants that you experience as challenging.
  • Practical exercises on how to transform performance anxiety and inner demands into resources.
  • Concrete suggestions on how to introduce NVC for groups.
  • Concrete ways to share different parts of NVC.
  • Structures on how you can use roleplays and simulations to contribute to learning, connection and meaning.

Walk your talk

VAT Included
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